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For most, the wedding day is the first time since high-school that they have worked with a professional photographer. Brides and grooms-to-be can have pre-wedding excitement about how their wedding images will look, considering it is kinda an important day we will get the very best results possible… and here are 5 tips to help.  



I offer engagement sessions and they can be added to your wedding collection! It is a great opportunity not only to get some time in front of the camera but you’ll also get to know me and how some techniques we’ll use before the wedding day. I’ll also be able to find out how you two interact with each other, what your personalities like and what types of shots best fit you. Not to mention you’ll get some beautiful images of the two of you to display on your walls or at your wedding.


You know that list of “all the shots you need from your wedding day” that you found on Pintrest? Toss it! I am going to capture the details and amazing moments. Some of my past brides favorite images are spontaneous moments or moments that I helped create. Obviously if you have something particularly sentimental or unique that you’d like photographed (maybe a piece of jewellery passed down through your family or a DIY project that you spent days on) or a family member or friend that is a VIP then be sure to let me know. Allow your me to be creative it will result in better photographs.



This is another thing that couples tend to not take into account (or not even know they should consider) but be aware that the light changes throughout the day and different light will result in very different photographs.

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For example, if you’re having a winter wedding it will likely start to get dark around 3.30/4pm, therefore you really need to have your ceremony early in the day to allow me a fighting chance to get some great portraits and your group shots done before the light starts to fade. EVEN BETTER, think about doing a ‘first look’ (where you see each other before the ceremony and get your photos taken then). If you’re not superstitious about seeing each other beforehand, this is a great option too!

When looking at venues think about the light in each room. Is the bedroom you’re getting ready in small, pokey and cramped? Are the ceremony room walls covered in dark wood with small windows? Remember, photography is essentially painting with light and if there isn’t any, there’s only so much that can be done without using a flash.


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Having a professional makeup artist will help you look your best on your wedding day. If you’ve never had your makeup done by a pro, you’ll be shocked at what a difference they can make! Having a makeup artist also alleviates some time for you. Think of it as a little pampering on your big day. Some things to consider while on the subject of your skin.Don’t go cray-cray on the spray tan (the orange look works for the Donald but not for everyone) and don’t try any new remedies that could likely cause a reaction or break out in the run up. Make sure you have powder and lipstick in your bag (or give it to a bridesmaid) for little touch ups throughout the day too.


Time is of the essence and the more time you have built into your day for images the better. If you need help figuring how much time you may need to schedule in let me know and I’d love to help. Group shots for example are notorious for taking longer than you expect. Having to round up a half-cut usher or a camera-shy aunt for the photos can take a while so make sure I have a list of names and if possible delegate the task of helping round people up to a trustworthy usher or bridesmaid.

In an ideal world this timeline would be pretty much perfect:


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Getting ready: Having about an hour and a half with the bride before the ceremony would allow time to photograph all the details of the dress, shoes, jewellery etc as well as take some candid and informal photos of everyone getting ready. There’s always a crazy rush before the dress has to go on and I like to have about 20 minutes after the dress is on to do portraits of the bride with bridesmaids, mom and dad before I head out. Sometimes this goes out the window because time goes quicker than people expect and it’s a shame to lose those shots. If the guy chooses to have getting ready images usually about 45 minutes to an hour with him is all I need (sorry ladies it just takes you a smidge longer.)


Group shots: Allow 10 minutes per group shot. Taking the shot doesn’t take that long but you would be surprised how time can go by… and also, people can vanish for ages even if they KNOW they will be needed for photos. Communicating to family on when formal pictures will be taken prior to the big day helps get everyone on the same page.

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Bride and groom portraits: For a couple shoot I like to have at least half an hour. For your portraits, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to walk off that beaten path a little bit. These often result in the most amazing photographs! Set aside as much time as possible for this part of the day. The more time the photographer has, the better the results will be.A good tip is that there is usually a bit of down time between dinner and the evening reception too. This is a good time to get a few extra photos and the light is usually yummy as the sun is starting to set. The couple have often had some wine and are a lot more relaxed by this point too!