to My future couples... 

I'm glad you found me because you are my people.  You dare to be adventurous and genuinely want images that captures the passion you share with the one you love while having an artistic flare.  

And a Little about Us.

tom. secretly (ok, maybe not so secret) wishes he was batman, loves his girls, enjoys blanton's bourbon and nice watches. "the best part of photography for me is creating images that either makes the viewer want to wander the image or evokes a strong emotion." 

katie. loves stacking yurman bracelets and her well organized closet. makeup, soft blankets, and anything glittery or loud colored is her jam. 

allie. is the newest addition to our little family and already runs the roost. right now she loves Mickey Mouse and unicorns. best little girl ever! 

lucky. is our little man, er dog.  He’s a rescue and we are forever thankful to the Partners for Pets for saving him.  

I look forward to connecting with couples who know they've found their other half and want to create some cool images to celebrate their today and tomorrow.

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Lucky, rescue dog of