First a little about you.

If you're here you're probably a fan of cool looking photos and you'd like some for yourself. 

You love to have a great time, especially when it's with the one you love.

Your the type of person that looks at a rainy day as the perfect opportunity to sit by the window and take  in a good book or snuggle with your pet.

You understand that time is not a commodity and yours deserves to be remembered.

You know your cool/fun/imperfect/perfect memories could use a little help, and that's where I come in. 

And all about Us.

katie. loves stacking yurman bracelets and her well organized closet but she's never afraid to rock a pair of sweatpants. 

tom. has to see every new superhero movie, he enjoys blanton's bourbon and nice watches, he'd wear hoodies every day if katie would let him.

lucky. is our little man, er dog.  He’s a rescue and we are forever thankful to the Partners for Pets for saving him.  

A ride in the car with lucky smiling in the wind, a jog in the park, catching a great movie and ending with a wine and cheese plate on the patio watching the sun go down is our ideal day.

we want to meet couples who know they've found their other half. the ones who love to laugh and hold onto each other. the ones who dare to make every moment count.

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